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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Can U Answer These?

If u can, it's either:

U reaLLy are briLLiant
U've heard of it before

1) The poLice found a murder victim and they noticed a pair of tire tracks Leading to and from the body. They followed the tracks to a nearby farmhouse where two men and a woman were sitting on the porch. There was no car at the farmhouse and none of the three couLd drive. The poLice arrested the woman. Why?

i] The poLice didn't ask any question but mereLy used their power of observation.
ii] When the poLice arrived, none of the three suspects was carying a weapon or wearing bLood stained cLothing.
iii] The poLice correctLy deduced that the woman was the murderer.

2) BaLqis spent 3 days in the hospitaL. She was neither sick nor injured but when it was time to Leave, she had to be carried out. Why?

i] BaLqis is a human & physicaLLy normaL.
ii] The hospitaL was a normaL hospitaL.
iii] She wasn't abLe to waLk into the hospitaL or out of it.

Written by: Mrs. Naza


Anonymous said...
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Mr & Mrs Naza said...

Anonymous said...

kakak,bapak senang,hehe
1) *** censored
2) *** censored

disebabkan adikku yang di atas sudah pernah mendengar teka teki tersebut maka komen adikku terpaksa di deLete untuk memberi ruang kepada mereka2 yg ingin mencuba. hehehe mahapLa ye adikku.

IkanStim said...

tau jwapan dia ni
abah yg beli buku soalan ni

Mr & Mrs Naza said...

tuLa abg pun tau.
hampehsLa kamurang ni.
kamu2 je yg jawab. kena Letak hadiah ni baru org Lain jawab