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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The DeviL Wears Prada


I know it's kinda Late for this review but I'm boost up with adrenaLin to say I LOVE this movie!! SeriousLy. UndisputabLe. It's something someone whom in a reLationship with some sort of career women shouLd watch to Learn & understand. U might think your partner is refusing u, turn their back on u when they actuaLLy just DOING THEIR JOB.

WeLL, I think this is an iSsue that wiLL never end untiL aLL women quit their job & be a housewife. Agree? Not? What do u say?

p/s: It's quite a diSsapoinment knowing I can't get enormous responds from peopLe out there from this bLog compared to my previous bLog. [[Hope to gain more readers]]

Written by: Mrs. Naza


Azyy said...

sy nda tau sy penah tgk ka nda crita ni.
hilang ingatan atau btl2 nda pernah tgk =p

Mr & Mrs Naza said...

saya rasa kau mesti pernah tgk ni.
tapi kalau belum tgk, tgkla. best owh. rasa mcm mau beli CD nya. hihi

Anonymous said...

jihan pun baru tgk crita ni di tv baru2 ni setelah sekian lamaaaaa mau tgk tau..haha:) mmg best la!! dan crita ni sgt sesuai utk ditonton oleh career women yg workaholic @ bakal dpt kerja.hehehe.


Mr & Mrs Naza said...