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Thursday, April 16, 2009

How Do U Refuse A HandShake?

This matter was brought up in AidaLina's bLog.
And I find it very interesting.

"--One issue I would love to ask the member of the floor to think together with me. Just now, in one of my classes, one issue has been brought up. If you are a muslimah, an ajnabi come up and offers a hand shake, would you accept?--"

In certain caSses, it's easy to refuse. when he offers, you nod, smiLe, keep both your hand cLose together in front of him. InsyaALLah he'LL understand coz i've used this method severaL times. It'LL be easier if he's your friend. You can either expLain it the decent way or the hard way.

1) Decent way: "Sorry, in IsLam, MusLimah aren't aLLow to shake hand with maLe whom she can marry." or "Sorry, u're an ajnabi" (as if he can understand. hehe.)

2) Hard way: "I can't! u're haram to me." or you just waLk away from him. woah!~ (this is not recommended but u can use it if method number 1 didn't succeSs.)

Ok. What IF the man who offers u a handshake is a pubLic figure? Datuk, Tan Sri, Datuk Sri or SuLtan & it happen in front of a crowd. Let's say in a convocation day. How do u refuSe? You can use method 1 if u have da gut to do so but u'LL definiteLy, absoLuteLy, totaLLy wiLL embarraSsed him in front of the pubLic.

lalalalala~ lalalalala~

I myseLf don't know how, because this incident happen to me on my convocation day & I can't refuse. Erghh.. Have u ever had such experience before? Let's share (^_^)

Written by: Mrs. Naza

1 comment:

fa-aja-aja said...

wahaho..pelik je org time convo day tuh..
canselor ke? ptt dia tuh kena tau kan bnda2 mcm nih..
sbb for me x penah lagik org2 besar hulur tangan kalu time
penyampaian hadiah..ngeee