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Monday, April 20, 2009

How To Donate BLood?

20 ApriL 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Naza with their bestfriend (ayuSz) went to Queen ELizabeth HospitaL (QEH) to donate bLood today. ayuSz with her high spirit, arrived there first & went for bLood test. This test wiLL determine whether you're quaLify to donate or not. These are the steps:

1) FiLL in the provided form
2) Weigh your weight
3) Check your bLood preSsure
4) Run a HB bLood test

UnfortunateLy for ayuSz, she didn't pass the Last test. Her hemogLobin was onLy enough for herseLf. Try not to diSsapoint her, the staffs tried both manuaL & advance method but faiLed.

if your bLood 'sink' in the bLue Liquid, u're quaLify

As usuaL, I don't have any probLem paSsing the test but Naza did. He went for step 3, three times before he's quaLified & I end up to be the onLy femaLe there donating bLood whiLe hoLding ayuSz's hand (frankLy, though it's my fifth time, i'm stiLL scared & nervous).

Things you shouLd make sure before donating bLood:
1) HeaLthy
2) Weighing more than 45kg
3) Between 18 to 60 years oLd
4) Not in any medication
5) Not pregnant nor period
6) Enough sLeep (more than 5hours)
7) Not taking any aLcohoL within 24hours

But, beLieve it or not, i'm weighing of 45kg sharp, sLept for onLy 3 hours Last night and worst, didn't have any Lunch as our work forced us not to do so! Never underestimate yourseLf before trying anything.

So, aLL the best!

Written by: Mrs. Naza


fa-aja-aja said...

ehe..dari dulu sampai sekarang saya x pernah donate blood.
fobia kena cucuk kot..sebab dulu kat sekolah,asal kena cucuk akan pitam selepas ituh..bukan sebab perut kosong.tapi tah napa.
bukan juga sebab takut kat jarum..hehehe

Mr & Mrs Naza said...

saiko ba tu pa.
tu time kecik2. cuba time besar2 ni.
kaLau pitam jugak, nnt pregnant cmana?
tet! hehe