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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How To KiLL A Mice?

Do you know how?

This mice penetrate in my kitchen & deveLope it's own famiLy there. Not surprising, huh?

The question is: how do you kiLL a mice? Shoot it? Step on it? (eeeeeeeyuuuuuuhhh!! I'm imagining the poor mice in The Green MiLe fiLm.) Stab it with sharp object? Or Leave it in that 'jaiL' with no food?

This is how my mom do it & I'm pretty sure that most of us use this method.

With no pity, simpLy put the mice in the pond or any source of water. But pLease be aware. Don't forget to puLL it back as it wiLL Leave a disgusting smeLL after a week. Ngee~

ALL the best!

Written by: Mrs. Naza


fa-aja-aja said...

haha..ipa jemur dia kt tgh panas kalu kt cni nih...ngeh3

Nadhirah said...

wah. tu Lagi dahsyat. Lambat mati. ahahah