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Monday, April 27, 2009


I'm so LoneLy,
I have nobody,
To caLL my owwnnn..
I'm so LoneLy, I'm Mrs. LoneLy..

eh, when did i marry Mr. LoneLy? ekekeke.. ampun pak!

actuaLLy, my fiancee went somewhere far away from Sabah (can't state here) since yesterday. ceh, baru keLmarin! and haven't buy any return ticket YET. yes, YET! not that he won't be back but his haven't-buy-any-return-ticket-YET status make my waiting endLess. it's kinda torturing. erghh!!~

By the way, yesterday my visit to Kak Wati's (FSIL) new heaLthcare shop turn out to be a job seeking experience. I was given some briefing about their products, how to deaL with customers & was introduced to aLL da staffs there but da interesting part was; I have my own busineSs card & t-shirt for free! haha. weLL.. i THINK it's free coz FSIL didn't mention any price or maybe she's just being busy to state it.

Apa2 pun, do u know what's da name of the shop? It's AL Jabbar! A franchise company from KL & FSIL's shop is the one & onLy distributor in Sabah for this very moment. Have u heard about it? cLick HERE for some info about da products. I'LL put up some pics Later & if u're interested, u can buy it onLine (^_^).

In Sabah, it's Located at King Fisher, Likas. Opposite Likas HospitaL. Near UncLe Bob's restaurant. Next to Dry KLeen Laundry. They have opening promotions: 10% discount for everything except the teraphy machine & free body teraphy until 3rd May 2009. So, Lift up your bud now & give it a try! beLieve me u'LL Love it. There's one product i'm aiming for. BotoL Air Aura AL Jabbar. wanna know about it? Come to AL-Nur HeaLthcare NOW! u'LL be amazed of what it can do.

Warning: I won't be there as there's something i need to settLe first before i can accept any job. Fiqh AuLawiyat. First Thing First. If FSIL agree, i'LL start on Thursday. 30th ApriL 09.

Written by: Mrs. Naza

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