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Thursday, April 30, 2009

No More Waiting

ActuaLLy this post was supposed to be posted on 30th ApriL 2009. But since I Lost my camera cabLe & can't transfer any pic to my Lappy, I just have to endure the excitedneSs to today. Haha.

At Last, they're home! which means, he's home! yeay~ yeay~

After a tiring work at AL Jabbar, I fetch my nephews-to-be & took them to the airport to fetch Mr. Naza & his mom. It's quite an experience handLing toddLers in pubLic. They screamed, running here & there. Worst, begging for junk foods & toys. Hahaha.. not that I'm stingy but it's just not da right time. Faham2La.

Here's what he bought for me:

But aLL these come 2nd. Their safe journey returning home are my priority.

Written by: Mrs. Naza

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