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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

AL Jabbar :: Pengedar TunggaL Sabah

Working at AL-Nur HeaLthcare (AL-Jabbar) from 10am-9pm everyday do affect my daiLy scheduLe. Have to re-adjust everything. Hope this wiLL end as soon as the Launching settLed. But the best thing is, I can go for Dr. Jism Teraphy and other treatment for FREE. hehe. Dr. Jism wiLL transfer eLectric power up to 9000V to our body. Functioning as acid-in-blood-remover. Since our promotion day has come to an end, for every 30 minutes teraphy wiLL be charged RM7. What's RM7 compare to RM13k for the Dr. Jism machine?

I tried a 'stomach massage' machine but instead of putting it at my stomach (which obviousLy was suppose to be put at da stomach: from it's name), I used it at my hip. After 7 minutes of vibrating session, I can feeL my hip started to get itchy at certain area. Means that my fats' being burned by it!! wohahaha~ wanna try? It's onLy RM5 for 30 minutes.

Come! come to AL-Nur HeaLthcare at KingFisher, Riverside, near UncLe Bob Restaurant & next to Dry KLeen Laundry.

Written by: Mrs. Naza

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