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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Crave? No!

LateLy i've been craving for McD. I used to eat it during b'fast, Lunch, supper & dinner. Ever since the media spread the devastating news of what zionist did to PaLestinians, i've stopped eating McD for I think aLmost 4 months now. But then... it seems Like da craving for Cornetto ChocoLate Sundae, DoubLe Cheese Burger, Onion Ring, Chicken Porridge & AppLe Pie is kiLLing me. Gosh!! NoOooo~ and da same goes to Starbucks' Green Tea with extra chocoLate chips!

What am I suppoSe to do?
I can't support zionist!
I can't kiLL my own famiLy!

ALLah, gimme strength~

Written by: Mrs. Naza


fa-aja-aja said...

ipa plak craving kfc rite now..
4 bulan jgk x mkn ait..
dunno dpt thn or x bile kt mesia nnti

Mr & Mrs Naza said...

rasa mcm nak "buka puasa" je

flower-love said...

org pon dah x mkn mc'd sejak kempen bermula.. pat on my back.. ehe