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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fire!!! Kebakaran!!! Api~ Api~

7th May 2009
ApproximateLy 5.15pm
In front of AL-Nur HeaLthcare Shop

It started with a smaLL fire next to the bridge (main entrance to King Fisher). Assuming it's just an ordinary phenomena, normaL activity residents' of KF aLways do; burning dry Leaves or grass, everybody doesn't seems to care. But when the fire is getting enormous, FSIL quickLy caLL the fire brigade & to her surprise, they aLready know about it. Using traffic jam as an excused, they arrived 40 minutes Later which can kiLL aLmost 100 peopLe if this incident occur in the housing area (I'm not exaggerating. wait tiLL u see da pics!)

Ashes scattered everywhere in the thick dark air; giving us difficuLty to breathe. Firemen managed to controL the fire after 2 hours of fighting. From sundown tiLL night. Thank u Mr. Firemen for not Letting our premises being burned!

as it started
as they arrived
everybody was watching
What do you think? Can I be a profeSsionaL reporter? hehe.. There was no reporter at that time. So, Sabah Times, New Straits Times & The Stars: Wanna pay me for this articLe?? I'LL be very deLigthfuL! haha

Written by: Mrs. Naza

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Mr.Nazarudin said...

wah..cepatnya post..fastes then reporters hahaha..anyway glade the firefighter were there and manage to secure the fire. and still want to give a credit to u hehehe.