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Friday, May 22, 2009

KemaLangan :: Tragedi :: Ngeri

20 Mei 2009

Sepupu bakaL biras saya terLibat daLam kemaLangan ngeri. This accident happened around 9.30 pm at Beaufort. She was driving an Iswara from KK to Beaufort; aLone; just to take her printer cabLe as there's an assignment she need to print to be submitted the next day. It was quite irrasionaL but why queries things that had happened?

She was trying to overtake a car. Using her Turbo Mitsubishi engine instaLLed in Iswara, with wrong gap caLcuLation, she hit an Avanza fuLL with passenger. The car she drove was totaLLy destroyed by the massive coLLision. One of the Avanza's passenger was unconcious.

In the age of earLy 30's, she suffered severe injuries which incLude 2 broken Legs; Left & right, 2 broken arms; Left & right, 4 to 5 broken ribs, swaLLowed eyes & a torn cheek. The doctors now are working on her arms after they successfuLLy 'repairing' her Legs yesterday. She has to undergo Lots & Lots of surgery to fix her body back. For every LittLe movement she makes or the doctors make, she'LL screamed in agony. If u were there, u'LL cry as u can feeL the unbearabLe pain in her voice.


So, pLease... Drive carefuLLy & safeLy. Drive with FOCUS. If u're sLeepy, pLease stop & don't continue driving. Take a short nap in your car. CaLL someone to freshen you up. Switch to radio channeL that suits your mood. Most important of aLL, recite a do'a.

"BismiLLahi majreha wamursaha inna robbi Laghafururrahim. ALhamduLiLLahiLLazi sakh khoraLana haza wama kunna Lahu mukrinina wainna ila robbina LamungqoLibun~"

You might be an aLert driver, you might drive in the safest condition but you'LL never know what's await you. Any driver out there might be a careLess driver. Be concious.

Written By: Mrs. Naza

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