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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Can't wait for da returning of my sibLings!

6th June 2009

I thought Iffah is arriving today but it's tomorrow. It won't be Long untiL Abu arrive here too. It's this month! yeaahhoOoo~ we'LL reunite again. The N.A.N.A sibLings. SANANA's famiLy.

Preparing for the wedding, we go shopping!
It's been so Long not going shopping with abah.

amad pandang mak dgn sinis. kenapa?

time to pay! this is when abah is usefuL. wakaka

Furniture hunting puLak. Went to Pertama at karamunsing. It's my third time there bringing different persons everytime. The same furniture I aimed for but tiLL today, stiLL no purchase of it. Price, affordabLe. (ye ke?)

FinaL destination, RUSTICA at Putatan. Very excLusive & high cLass. Like they said: "Beyond Your LifestyLe." The bed itseLves can costs you minimum of RM3,000 compared to any other furniture shops, with 3k, u can get the whoLe bedroom set incLudes bed, make-up tabLe & wardrobe. But seriousLy, everything in Rustica is weLL buiLt & soLid.


one of the excLusives

Written by: Mrs. Naza

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