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Thursday, April 30, 2009

No More Waiting

ActuaLLy this post was supposed to be posted on 30th ApriL 2009. But since I Lost my camera cabLe & can't transfer any pic to my Lappy, I just have to endure the excitedneSs to today. Haha.

At Last, they're home! which means, he's home! yeay~ yeay~

After a tiring work at AL Jabbar, I fetch my nephews-to-be & took them to the airport to fetch Mr. Naza & his mom. It's quite an experience handLing toddLers in pubLic. They screamed, running here & there. Worst, begging for junk foods & toys. Hahaha.. not that I'm stingy but it's just not da right time. Faham2La.

Here's what he bought for me:

But aLL these come 2nd. Their safe journey returning home are my priority.

Written by: Mrs. Naza

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The DeviL Wears Prada


I know it's kinda Late for this review but I'm boost up with adrenaLin to say I LOVE this movie!! SeriousLy. UndisputabLe. It's something someone whom in a reLationship with some sort of career women shouLd watch to Learn & understand. U might think your partner is refusing u, turn their back on u when they actuaLLy just DOING THEIR JOB.

WeLL, I think this is an iSsue that wiLL never end untiL aLL women quit their job & be a housewife. Agree? Not? What do u say?

p/s: It's quite a diSsapoinment knowing I can't get enormous responds from peopLe out there from this bLog compared to my previous bLog. [[Hope to gain more readers]]

Written by: Mrs. Naza

Monday, April 27, 2009


I'm so LoneLy,
I have nobody,
To caLL my owwnnn..
I'm so LoneLy, I'm Mrs. LoneLy..

eh, when did i marry Mr. LoneLy? ekekeke.. ampun pak!

actuaLLy, my fiancee went somewhere far away from Sabah (can't state here) since yesterday. ceh, baru keLmarin! and haven't buy any return ticket YET. yes, YET! not that he won't be back but his haven't-buy-any-return-ticket-YET status make my waiting endLess. it's kinda torturing. erghh!!~

By the way, yesterday my visit to Kak Wati's (FSIL) new heaLthcare shop turn out to be a job seeking experience. I was given some briefing about their products, how to deaL with customers & was introduced to aLL da staffs there but da interesting part was; I have my own busineSs card & t-shirt for free! haha. weLL.. i THINK it's free coz FSIL didn't mention any price or maybe she's just being busy to state it.

Apa2 pun, do u know what's da name of the shop? It's AL Jabbar! A franchise company from KL & FSIL's shop is the one & onLy distributor in Sabah for this very moment. Have u heard about it? cLick HERE for some info about da products. I'LL put up some pics Later & if u're interested, u can buy it onLine (^_^).

In Sabah, it's Located at King Fisher, Likas. Opposite Likas HospitaL. Near UncLe Bob's restaurant. Next to Dry KLeen Laundry. They have opening promotions: 10% discount for everything except the teraphy machine & free body teraphy until 3rd May 2009. So, Lift up your bud now & give it a try! beLieve me u'LL Love it. There's one product i'm aiming for. BotoL Air Aura AL Jabbar. wanna know about it? Come to AL-Nur HeaLthcare NOW! u'LL be amazed of what it can do.

Warning: I won't be there as there's something i need to settLe first before i can accept any job. Fiqh AuLawiyat. First Thing First. If FSIL agree, i'LL start on Thursday. 30th ApriL 09.

Written by: Mrs. Naza

Friday, April 24, 2009

Khas Buat Fairuz & Azy

Fairuz As Saadah Hj. SuLaiman
Azyyati Amin

Sesungguhnya, saya akui kadangkaLa hati saya akan menangis biLa mengimbas kembaLi kenangan kita berSama. Saya rindu. Aku kangen. I miSsed aLL da experience, da hurt, da fight, da happineSs, da preSsure, da tiredneSs...

Azy & Fairuz, if onLy ALLah wiLL give me one time oppurtunity to be together just for a day, i'LL be very thankfuL. Saya mau kita bertiga berkumpuL semuLa biarLah waLau untuk sehari. KamuLah kekuatan saya. KaLianLah penyokong saya. Moga semangat seLaku anak mantan YDP ABIM Sabah ni takkan Luntur.

I Love u gaLs~

Written by: Mrs. Naza

Monday, April 20, 2009

How To Donate BLood?

20 ApriL 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Naza with their bestfriend (ayuSz) went to Queen ELizabeth HospitaL (QEH) to donate bLood today. ayuSz with her high spirit, arrived there first & went for bLood test. This test wiLL determine whether you're quaLify to donate or not. These are the steps:

1) FiLL in the provided form
2) Weigh your weight
3) Check your bLood preSsure
4) Run a HB bLood test

UnfortunateLy for ayuSz, she didn't pass the Last test. Her hemogLobin was onLy enough for herseLf. Try not to diSsapoint her, the staffs tried both manuaL & advance method but faiLed.

if your bLood 'sink' in the bLue Liquid, u're quaLify

As usuaL, I don't have any probLem paSsing the test but Naza did. He went for step 3, three times before he's quaLified & I end up to be the onLy femaLe there donating bLood whiLe hoLding ayuSz's hand (frankLy, though it's my fifth time, i'm stiLL scared & nervous).

Things you shouLd make sure before donating bLood:
1) HeaLthy
2) Weighing more than 45kg
3) Between 18 to 60 years oLd
4) Not in any medication
5) Not pregnant nor period
6) Enough sLeep (more than 5hours)
7) Not taking any aLcohoL within 24hours

But, beLieve it or not, i'm weighing of 45kg sharp, sLept for onLy 3 hours Last night and worst, didn't have any Lunch as our work forced us not to do so! Never underestimate yourseLf before trying anything.

So, aLL the best!

Written by: Mrs. Naza

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Can U Answer These?

If u can, it's either:

U reaLLy are briLLiant
U've heard of it before

1) The poLice found a murder victim and they noticed a pair of tire tracks Leading to and from the body. They followed the tracks to a nearby farmhouse where two men and a woman were sitting on the porch. There was no car at the farmhouse and none of the three couLd drive. The poLice arrested the woman. Why?

i] The poLice didn't ask any question but mereLy used their power of observation.
ii] When the poLice arrived, none of the three suspects was carying a weapon or wearing bLood stained cLothing.
iii] The poLice correctLy deduced that the woman was the murderer.

2) BaLqis spent 3 days in the hospitaL. She was neither sick nor injured but when it was time to Leave, she had to be carried out. Why?

i] BaLqis is a human & physicaLLy normaL.
ii] The hospitaL was a normaL hospitaL.
iii] She wasn't abLe to waLk into the hospitaL or out of it.

Written by: Mrs. Naza

Thursday, April 16, 2009

How Do U Refuse A HandShake?

This matter was brought up in AidaLina's bLog.
And I find it very interesting.

"--One issue I would love to ask the member of the floor to think together with me. Just now, in one of my classes, one issue has been brought up. If you are a muslimah, an ajnabi come up and offers a hand shake, would you accept?--"

In certain caSses, it's easy to refuse. when he offers, you nod, smiLe, keep both your hand cLose together in front of him. InsyaALLah he'LL understand coz i've used this method severaL times. It'LL be easier if he's your friend. You can either expLain it the decent way or the hard way.

1) Decent way: "Sorry, in IsLam, MusLimah aren't aLLow to shake hand with maLe whom she can marry." or "Sorry, u're an ajnabi" (as if he can understand. hehe.)

2) Hard way: "I can't! u're haram to me." or you just waLk away from him. woah!~ (this is not recommended but u can use it if method number 1 didn't succeSs.)

Ok. What IF the man who offers u a handshake is a pubLic figure? Datuk, Tan Sri, Datuk Sri or SuLtan & it happen in front of a crowd. Let's say in a convocation day. How do u refuSe? You can use method 1 if u have da gut to do so but u'LL definiteLy, absoLuteLy, totaLLy wiLL embarraSsed him in front of the pubLic.

lalalalala~ lalalalala~

I myseLf don't know how, because this incident happen to me on my convocation day & I can't refuse. Erghh.. Have u ever had such experience before? Let's share (^_^)

Written by: Mrs. Naza

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How To KiLL A Mice?

Do you know how?

This mice penetrate in my kitchen & deveLope it's own famiLy there. Not surprising, huh?

The question is: how do you kiLL a mice? Shoot it? Step on it? (eeeeeeeyuuuuuuhhh!! I'm imagining the poor mice in The Green MiLe fiLm.) Stab it with sharp object? Or Leave it in that 'jaiL' with no food?

This is how my mom do it & I'm pretty sure that most of us use this method.

With no pity, simpLy put the mice in the pond or any source of water. But pLease be aware. Don't forget to puLL it back as it wiLL Leave a disgusting smeLL after a week. Ngee~

ALL the best!

Written by: Mrs. Naza

Monday, April 13, 2009

As A Start

aSsaLamu'aLaikum warohmatuLLah.

Since i've deLeted my friendster & facebook account, automaticaLLy, my bLog at friendster has been freezed. Thus, i registered as one of MaLaysian bLogger to keep writing. For more reading satisfaction, (as if) you can cLick here. It'LL redirect you to my oLd post in friendster bLog. Enjoy.


Written by: Mrs. Naza