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Friday, May 3, 2013

Sweet like Chocolate Bars

During my first pregnancy, the only food that makes me cried was sushi. I was craving so badly for it on that one particular day but end up not eating any because the person I entrusted to buy it innocently FORGOT. Frustrated, I cried till asleep. Next morning, I woke up not wanting to eat sushi anymore. No it's not grudge or anything but I think it's 'pembawaan bayi'. But believe me, when a pregnant woman wants something on one particular day, try to get her that thing on that day coz she really means/craves for it.

This second pregnancy, I'm really into chocolate bars. Mars, Snickers, Crunchie, Picnic, Kinder Bueno, Kit Kat etc. u name it. I don't eat them everyday but there'll be time that I want them badly. To prevent 'kempunan', I stock some depending on my budget. Yesterday, i feel like eating Crunchie but to my surprise, there's none! I knew who ate it (not my family members) but I was so pissed off & angry that I just kept quiet coz am afraid I might lose my temper which will affect things. U know how pregnant woman can easily lose their temper right?

Tapi tolonglah, next time kalau nak makan, mintalah izin dulu. Jangan main sumbat je. Grrrr!!

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