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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I Don't Expect This When I'm Expecting

Well, like they said, your next pregnancy won't be the same like the previous.

My first child, a boy, I can say it's quite easy & smooth pregnancy though a bit difficult when it comes to labor. Oh, and minor morning sickness in the first trimester. Now am expecting a second child (wishing this time a cute lil girl or maybe twins. Hehe) and experiencing a whole lot different situation from the first one. Perhaps that's a sign of different gender?

As early as 17 weeks, I'm suffering from:
1) Obvious stretch mark around the belly
2) Sciatica. Numbness in my right thigh. It started since 10th weeks & still here now.
3) Lower back pain
4) Pain at my upper left hip which makes me walk like a penguin at times
5) Cramp at left feet
6) Sleepy
7) Mood swing
8) Constipation

Worst thing, I have to work in this condition! It's stressful, really but what other choice do I have? Quitting is definitely NO NO NO. Sometimes I cried at work. Not because I'm sad. It's hard to explain but I need to. Letting the tears out somehow give me this soothing feeling & make things better again although the pain does not. YET. Luckily I've passed the morning sickness phase.

Apapun, Alhamdulillah atas kurniaan zuriat ini.

Baby is kicking!

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